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Bones- Stellar
"What, didn't you ever want to be an astronaut when you were a kid?"
She stares at him with an expression he's come to understand means that they're not quite on the same page.
"No, not really.  I was always more interested in living things.  I guess I was a little too grounded to want to go wandering in space."
She grins at him and Booth laughs, partly at the joke, but mostly because she looks so proud of herself.  Brennan feels she has a right to be proud; she's gotten better at conversing, better enough that she can now sense that she is supposed to say something at this point in order to keep the conversation going.
And so she asks, "But you wanted to go wandering in space.  What stopped you?"
"I didn't realize there was so much science involved," he replies with a grimace, and Brennan can't help laughing at his look of dismay.  Privately, she thinks that although Booth might not be a genius, he might have made a good astrona
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Change the World by saffiremoon21 Change the World :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 102 15
Dr Who Memories of the Future
She knows when it comes because she sees his sketchbook lying about.  He makes no effort to hide it, and she supposes she should be grateful that he's not keeping secrets from her, or at least not anymore.  But it's hard to feel anything other than pain when she knows how much it distresses him.
They both knew that their new lives together would not be easy.  Although he was part human, in many ways he was still very Time Lord and living life in order did not always suit him.  And for her, well, she loved him dearly but when had living with the Doctor ever been easy?  
During her time on the Tardis, she'd never seen him draw but when he showed up one day with a sketchbook tucked under her arm, she thought little of it, figured it was simply the next in a series of attempts to keep himself busy.  It was only a few days later, when she noticed him brooding over the pages and realized that he hadn't been sleeping well, or at a
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Doctor Who- Ice Skating
He'd taken her to palaces, fantastic cities.  He'd taken her to meet the Queen, the Face of Boe.  
She was taking him ice skating.
He was nine hundred and three years old and he'd never been ice skating before.
"Never had a reason to," he told her, smiling.  
She hadn't skated for years, but being able to introduce him to something new, when it was so very often the other way around, was irresistible.
So they were here, at an admittedly rather diminutive pond turned neighborhood ice rink.
The TARDIS's impressive and inscrutable wardrobe had yielded up seven pairs of ice skates, and out of the pile, they'd been each able to find a pair that more or less fit.  Less, for her case.  They were slightly too large, with too much give around her ankles, but she hoped they would suffice.
He took to the ice the way he took to everything else he'd ever tried, with an effortless grace that would have made him easy to hate, if he wasn't so patient a
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Amaterasu by saffiremoon21 Amaterasu :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 6 8 Eternal- Shinn + Rey by saffiremoon21 Eternal- Shinn + Rey :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 2 0 Christmas TARDIS by saffiremoon21 Christmas TARDIS :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 19 2 One Life- Doctor Who by saffiremoon21 One Life- Doctor Who :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 2 0 Dark- All For You by saffiremoon21 Dark- All For You :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 2 0
     In the morning when I wake up, I look at the sky.  The weather is a sort of barometer for how my day will go.  This morning, the sky is overcast, like that summer day, some three years ago when I naught but a child of sixteen, dawned ominously gray.  That day, I had resigned myself to boredom.
     However, my mother needed to go shopping, and I welcomed this opportunity to tag along and get out of the house.  Once we arrived at Kmart, I wandered off to go stare dreamily at things, as I am prone to do.  I do enjoy shopping, a trait I do not share with my mother.  She views buying things as a goal:  you want this, you get it, you leave.  I am more about the journey, about ogling strange objects I usually have no intention of buying.  A trip with me to a store of any kind will invariably involve me poking things that probably would be best left
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Supremely Awesome Desktop by saffiremoon21 Supremely Awesome Desktop :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 0 1 Doctor Who wallpaper by saffiremoon21 Doctor Who wallpaper :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 423 31
Words to Say- Doctor Who
He turned to me and smiled.  
We were standing on a beach, an Earth beach, in a time before people really went to beaches.  I wasn't entirely sure why we'd come here of all places, of all times, but I wasn't about to complain.  The aloneness of it all was a nice change from the usual.  
Not that the usual wasn't exhilarating, amazing, everything I could have wished for.  
The white sands were littered with multicolored pebbles and shells, their rough edges smoothed by what must have been, even then, years of relentless waves.  
He'd been sifting through this beach debris for several minutes, his attention, as usual, so focused on the task at hand (whatever it was) that I couldn't get anything worthwhile out of him.
"It's not aliens is it?  Please tell me you didn't bring me all the way back here for more aliens."
"No, no aliens.  Not this time."
"Then what is it?  What're you looking for?"
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Thousand Foot Krutch- Golden by saffiremoon21 Thousand Foot Krutch- Golden :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 15 19
Shades of Grey- Dragon Age
Growing up, I never saw things in black or white.  Nothing was definite or wholly decided.  There was ambiguity in everything.
There are always shades of grey.
He is not what I expected.  No, that's not quite right.  As a Grey Warden, he's what anyone would expect:  kind, loyal, and brave.  As a man though, as someone I would consider marrying, he's nothing like the other nobles Mother occasionally introduced me to.  
Sometimes I get the feeling  that I'm not what he expected either.
And somehow, we love each other.  Somehow, we make it work, despite threats of darkspawn,  werewolves, witches of the wild, archdemons and Maker only knows what else.  
I would like to think that Alistair is pure silver, bright and unmarked.  Much of the time, it is difficult to see any part of him that is tarnished.
But silver is still a shade of gray; it darkens inevitably with time
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Rurouni Kenshin- Protector by saffiremoon21 Rurouni Kenshin- Protector :iconsaffiremoon21:saffiremoon21 6 9
A mix of graphics work, traditional and digital drawings (mostly fanart), writing, and a little photography.

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United States
Hai, guys. I go by Saffire on the internets.

I'm on here to ogle pretty arts and to get comments on my own stuff.

I'm improving, I swear.

Current Residence: New Orleans, LA
Favourite genre of music: alternative rock
Favourite style of art: mostly anime
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen X-Fi 2
Shell of choice: coconut
Wallpaper of choice: shiny
Skin of choice: YOURS.
Favourite cartoon character: there's a lot of them.
Personal Quote: "Ooh, that's rude. Is that the sort of man I am now, rude? Rude and not ginger..."
  • Listening to: Firework- Katy Perry
  • Reading: The Hour I First Believed- Wally Lamb
  • Drinking: water
Oh.  Wow.  They changed this thing.


As you've no doubt noticed, I've not been very active on the community aspect of this whole shindig anymore, and I don't really see that changing anytime soon.

I'll be around occasionally to find brushes (and as always, I will comment and favorite any of those that I plan on using), to perhaps dig up a little fanart, and to upload my own work occasionally but yeah, that's about it.

I'll still respond to comments and whatnot.  :)

Have a fabulous life.



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